Alien dialogues, phenomena of a becoming story

alien dialogues _ phenomena of a becoming story


drawing: Agnes Schneidewind


alien dialogues
phenomena of a becoming story
Mieke Weckesser and Agnes Schneidewind


dear mieke
where did it start? it feels we have always been forwarding things to each other.

for me, making a drawing, and knowing, I can send it to you is a big relief, a way to send it into the world, to let it travel and speak. it has a voice on itself and it urgently needs to express itself as autonomous being. the creatures appearing are familiar and alien, looking at me, sometimes wanting and screaming, which can be confusing. so i send them to you, thinking, maybe you understand better.

this is maybe where it starts?

dear agnes,
reflecting upon your question i now wonder if it ever started. i believe that the creatures as they appear in your drawings, have always been forming and deforming on some side of time. feeling honoured to receive them receiving me, they urge me to reply with words and stories. over time, dialogues appear, revealing inner and outer landscapes waiting to be discovered. what we discover might not have a beginning nor an end. more than a product or a design, i see our work as a force, as a vitality and as an invitation in which different experiences are born time and again.
above might correspond with something you told S: “i see the drawings as something which can and want to be read rather than as a product which has to be something”. further along you also state that the drawings have agency… this leads to the following question: do the drawings influence your way of being in the world, do they shape your awareness?

about II

alien dialogues are an ongoing long-distance correspondence with drawings and poems by Mieke Weckesser and Agnes Schneidewind. Through the dialogue, dreams, experiences, feelings and observations manifest, mingle, and evolve as multimedia stories of the extraordinary every day, of deserts and moss, spiders and angels. The dialogue is a place where words and images are looking for one another and fertilizing each other, supporting and provoking urgencies in the form of poetry.

Based on intuitive knowledge and embodied writing and drawing, we explore together the possibilities of ongoing storytelling with and through each other, the other as witness, companion and co-creator. Sometimes a drawing asks for a poem or two, sometimes the other way around. We pick up on words and images of the other, carry them on and along, change them, bring them into other constellations. They become characters, transforming with and through us and sceneries in which we navigate. It is an organic and instinctive exchange, in which images and words once introduced may reappear in known and unknown forms, creating loops and spirals, move each other and us into different directions. Like this, the dialogue is creating a non-linear story, confusing past and future from time to time.

The persistent dialogue has generated too much material to be shared here, therefore we selected a few fragments from the correspondence of the last year (see pdf above), in which we recognise specific patterns or phenomena in the story-generating dialogue.

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