DEAD DAY DOG II: The Return of S, Südufer (DE) – 2019

As a consequence of his experiment, Ulrich von Oben is clearly concerned about the distribution of brain wave technologies as well as the disappearance of S, a Cleaning Android exclusively created for laboratory purposes. Set adrift within public space, S transforms human trauma into visual poetry and drawings. As the interview unfolds, broken choreographies, spoken word and digital landscapes reconstruct a fictionalised performance in which empty spaces appear like scars in imaginary landscapes.

This second part of DEAD DAY DOG, is a performance project around the notion of trauma and the knot as a metaphor for trauma. The earlier publication under the same name, laid the foundation of the residence program at Südufer (February 2019), in which Mieke Weckesser and Agnes Schneidewind cooperate with artists from different fields (visual, dance, film & theatre) to continue their trauma research in a trans-disciplinary setting.

The residency at Südufer concluded with an Installation-Performance shown on the 9th of March, 2019. During this event, the publication became part of a science-fiction, in which journalist Monica Muhn from Radio Levant talks with Ulrich von Oben (the so called director of Dead Day Dog), questioning his recent collaboration with Skynet cooperations.



This project is initiated by Mieke Weckesser and Agnes Schneidewind. Artistic direction: Mieke Weckesser / Choreography: Andrea Lagos / Performers: Irene Carreño, Rebecca Narum, Rense Hettinga, Kilian Schweidler, Ewelina Kotwa / Visual Artist: Agnes Schneidewind / Multimedia: Claudia Carolin Münch / Technical support: Hannes Kieselbach

A coproduction with E-Werk Freiburg.

Aktuelle Programm-Highlights





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