Aliens Connected

i thought i was alone but i wasn’t

I thought I was alone but I wasn't
Drawing: Agnes Schneidewind –



Aliens Connected is a collective and artistic dialogue between Agnes Schneidewind and Mieke Weckesser since 2014. The co-working arose out of the urgency of finding and defining homes (habitats). Aliens Connected share a fascination for alienness and alienation, related creatures, and the study of their knots* and habits. The artistic work involves embodied practices such as writing, drawing and dancing. By experimenting with different modes of co-working Aliens Connected explore the social impact of bridging isolated worlds. Aliens Connected explore the (im)possibility of translation and inhabit various disciplines, which are its references and fields of research.


*Knots are always in the midst of things, while their ends are on the loose, rooting for other lines to tangle with. Like knots, our practices are the root principle of construction. Knots remember everything, and have everything to forget. Like knots, our practices are contrary forces of tension and friction, which are generative of new forms.
(Inspired by and borrowed from Tim Ingold, The Life of Lines, 2015)



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